New Books in January 2018

Books acquired by the libraries in January 2018 are listed below. The books are listed in the order of their call numbers.

-- B --

B53 .S634 2015
Naming the elephant : worldview as a concept / James W. Sire

BF561 .H35 2016
Handbook of emotions / edited by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Michael Lewis, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones

BJ1521 .R68 2015
The Routledge companion to virtue ethics / edited by Lorraine Besser-Jones and Michael Slote

BL48 .S555 2015
James and Paul : the politics of identity at the turn of the ages / V. George Shillington

BL65 .G55 R425 2015
Religion, postcolonialism, and globalization : a sourcebook / [edited by] Jennifer Reid

BL65 .M4 C375 2004
Spiritual caregiving : healthcare as a ministry / Verna Benner Carson and Harold G. Koenig

BL65 .M4 K648 2008
Medicine, religion, and health : where science & spirituality meet / Harold G. Koenig

BL65 .M4 S673 2015
Spiritual care in practice : case studies in healthcare chaplaincy / edited by George Fitchett and Steve Nolan ; foreword by Christina M. Puchalski ; afterword by John Swinton

BL65 .P7 R367 2016
Critical theology : introducing an agenda for an age of global crisis / Carl A. Raschke

BL2525 .M3565 2015
Losing our religion : how unaffiliated parents are raising their children / Christel Manning

BM535 .C86 2015
Seeking shalom : the journey to right relationship between Catholics and Jews / Philip A. Cunningham

BP166.72 .K64 2014
Health and well-being in Islamic societies : background, research, and applications / Harold G. Koenig, Saad Al Shohaib

BR44 .Y34 2015
Writing theology well : a rhetoric for theological and biblical writers / Lucretia B. Yaghjian

BR63 .G89 2015
Christianity in the later Roman empire : a sourcebook / David M. Gwynn

BR115 .A85 T63 2016
Plowshares : protest, performance, and religious identity in the nuclear age / Kristen Tobey

BR115 .C69 N47 2016
Skills for effective counseling : a faith-based integration / Elisabeth A. Nesbit Sbanotto, Heather Davediuk Gingrich, Fred C. Gingrich

BR115 .C8 B545 2015
Coming out Christian in the Roman world : how the followers of Jesus made a place in Caesar's empire / Douglas Boin

BR115 .C8 G37 2016
Ministering in honor-shame cultures : biblical foundations and practical essentials / Jayson Georges and Mark D. Baker

BR115 .E45 M34 2016
Religious identity and cultural negotiation : toward a theology of Christian identity in migration / Jenny McGill

BR115 .H6 A82 2015
Beyond heterosexism in the pulpit / Emily Askew, O. Wesley Allen Jr. ; with a foreword by David Buttrick

BR115 .T76 T55 2016
This is my body : hearing the theology of transgender Christians / edited by Christina Beardsley and Michelle O'Brien

BR117 .S55 2015
What would Jesus read? : popular religious books and everyday life in twentieth-century America / Erin A. Smith

BR128 .I57 D97 2016
Insider Jesus : theological reflections on new Christian movements / William A. Dyrness

BR145.3 .C66 2016
Introduction to world Christian history / Derek Cooper

BR305.3 .T47 2015
Religious refugees in the early modern world : an alternative history of the Reformation / Nicholas Terpstra, University of Toronto

BR331 .E5 2015 V.4
Pastoral writings / volume editor, Mary Jane Haemig

BR331 .E5 E88 2016
To the Christian nobility of the German nation, 1520 / James M. Estes ; Timothy J. Wengert, editor

BR535 .H379 2016
Christianity and race in the American South : a history / Paul Harvey

BR1644 .A58 2015
The anthropology of global pentecostalism and evangelicalism / edited by Simon Coleman and Rosalind I.J. Hackett ; with an Afterword by Joel Robbins

BS476 .R43 2015
Reception history and biblical studies : theory and practice / edited by Emma England and William John Lyons

BS476 .S49 2015
Teaching biblical faith : leading small group Bible studies / Jack L. Seymour

BS476 .W588 2015
Reading and understanding the Bible / Ben Witherington, III

BS521.86 .P47 2015
Israel and empire : a postcolonial history of Israel and early Judaism / Leo G. Perdue and Warren Carter ; edited by Coleman A. Baker

BS575 .H286 2015
Women's divination in biblical literature : prophecy, necromancy, and other arts of knowledge / Esther J. Hamori

BS575 .R45 2015
Religion and female body in ancient Judaism and its environments / edited by G‚eza G. Xeravits

BS635.3 .C76 2015
Jesus and the chaos of history : redirecting the life of the historical Jesus / James G. Crossley

BS1136 .B765 2016
Old Testament textual criticism : a practical introduction / Ellis R. Brotzman and Eric J. Tully

BS1192.6 .F74 2015
What kind of God? : collected essays of Terence E. Fretheim / edited by Michael J. Chan and Brent A. Strawn

BS1199 .K5 B74 2016
Good queen mothers, bad queen mothers : the theological presentation of the queen mother in 1 and 2 Kings / by Ginny Brewer-Boydston

BS1199 .W7 A34 2015
The female ruse : women's deception and divine sanction in the Hebrew Bible / Rachel E. Adelman

BS1235.52 .N63 2016
A place for Hagar's son : Ishmael as a case study in the priestly tradition / John T. Noble

BS1255.6 .P7 C87 2015
Current issues in priestly and related literature : the legacy of Jacob Milgrom and beyond / edited by Roy E. Gane and Ada Taggar-Cohen

BS1560 .A3 P4 2016
The Book of the Twelve - one book or many? : Metz conference proceedings, 5-7 November 2015 / edited by Elena Di Pede and Donatella Scaiola

BS2387 .M695 2015
The Old Testament in the New : an introduction / Steve Moyise

BS2506.3 .S37 2015
The real Paul : recovering his radical challenge / Bernard Brandon Scott

BS2545 .R65 I58 2016
An introduction to empire in the New Testament / edited by Adam Winn

BS2548 .A5 G67 2016
The Gospels and Acts / Margaret Aymer, Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, David A. S‚anchez, editors

BS2595 .E7313 2003 V.1
Paraphrase on Luke / translated and annotated by Jane E. Phillips

BS2601 .H28 2015
Reconsidering Johannine Christianity : a social identity approach / Raimo Hakola

BS2625.52 .G78 2016
Lydia as a rhetorical construct in Acts / Alexandra Gruca-Macaulay

BS2625.52 .S75 2016
Acts : a new vision of the people of God / Gerald L. Stevens

BS2625.53 .T57 2015
Acts : a commentary in the Wesleyan tradition / Richard P. Thompson

BS2650.52 .R63 2015
Barnabas vs. Paul : to encourage or confront? / C.K. Robertson ; foreword by Desmond Tutu

BS2655 .E7 H37 2015
Paul's eschatological anthropology : the dynamics of human transformation / Sarah Harding

BS2655 .J4 P38 2015
Paul within Judaism : restoring the first-century context to the apostle / Mark D. Nanos and Magnus Zetterholm, editors

BS2665.52 .W84 2015
Suffering in Romans / Siu Fung Wu ; foreword by Todd D. Still

BS2675.3 .L36 2015
The integrity of 2 Corinthians and Paul's aggravating absence / Christopher D. Land

BS2675.52 .W48 2015
Where is the wise man : Graeco-Roman education as a background to the divisions in 1 Corinthians 1-4 / Adam G. White

BS2685.55 .D36 2016
Paul and the stories of Israel : grand thematic narratives in Galatians / A. Andrew Das

BS2775.53 .H44 2017
Hebrews, James / edited by Ronald K. Rittgers ; general editor, Timothy George ; associate general editor, Scott M. Manetsch

BS2825.52 .D37 2015
Scripturalizing Revelation : an African American postcolonial reading of empire / Lynne St. Clair Darden

BT83.55 .I76 2015
If Eve only knew : freeing yourself from biblical womanhood and becoming all God means for you to be / Kendra Weddle Irons, Melanie Springer Mock

BT83.57 .I59 2015
Introducing liberative theologies / Miguel A. De La Torre, editor

BT695.5 .B465 2015
Devoted to nature : the religious roots of American environmentalism / Evan Berry

BT734 .D73 2016
A theology of race and place : liberation and reconciliation in the works of Jennings and Carter / Andrew T. Draper

BT734.2 .T74 2015
Contesting post-racialism : conflicted churches in the United States and South Africa / edited by R. Drew Smith, William Ackah, Anthony G. Reddie, Rothney S. Tshaka

BT736.2 .C265 2015
Can war be just in the 21st century? : ethicists engage the tradition / edited by Tobias Winright and Laurie Johnston

BT764.3 .S37 2015
Faith alone : the doctrine of justification : what the reformers taught and why it still matters / Thomas Schreiner ; Matthew Barrett, series editor

BT819.5 .F79 2016
Christian understandings of the future : the historical trajectory / Amy Frykholm

BT1415 .L54 2015
Marcion and the making of a heretic : God and scripture in the second century / Judith M. Lieu, University of Cambridge

BV2 .C66 2016
Conundrums in practical theology / edited by Joyce Ann Mercer, Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore

BV210.3 .C627 2015
Karl Barth on prayer / Ashley Cocksworth

BV210.3 .P7324 2017
The practice of the presence of God : theology as a way of life / edited by Martin Laird and Sheelah Trefl‚e Hidden

BV230 .C52 2016
The Lord's Prayer : origins and early interpretations / David Clark

BV600.3 .O34 2015
Transformative church : new ecclesial models and the theology of JŤurgen Moltmann / Patrick Oden

BV601.8 .M585 2016
The mission of the church : five views in conversation / Stephen B. Evans, Darrell L. Guder, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Edward Rommen, Ed Stetzer ; edited by Craig Ott

BV639 .M56 L44 2015
Rescuing Jesus : how people of color, women, & queer Christians are reclaiming evangelicalism / Deborah Jian Lee

BV639 .W7 T47 2015
Women's bodies as battlefield : Christian theology and the global war on women / Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

BV1464 .A47 2015
A hermeneutics of religious education / by David Aldridge

BV2063 .E53 2016
The end of theology : shaping theology for the sake of mission / Jason S. Sexton and Paul Weston, editors

BV4011.3 .S426 2015
The resilient pastor : ten principles for developing pastoral resilience / Mark A. Serby ; foreword by Lyle W. Dorsett

BV5055 .M34 2015
Christian fasting : biblical and evangelical perspectives / S.H. Mathews

BX891.3 .B4513 2016
Sermons for autumn season / Bernard of Clairvaux ; translated by Irene Edmonds, OCSO ; revised by Mark Scott, OCSO ; introduction by Wim Verbaal

BX1751.3 .J645 2015
Abounding in kindness : writings for the people of God / Elizabeth A. Johnson

BX4700 .F6 A766 2015
St. Francis of America : how a thirteenth-century friar became America's most popular saint / Patricia Appelbaum

BX4705 .B163 M67 2016
Love itself is understanding : Hans Urs von Balthasar's theology of the saints / Matthew A. Rothaus Moser

BX4827 .B57 A43 2015
Letters and papers from prison / Dietrich Bonhoeffer ; translated by Isabel Best, Lisa E. Dahill, Reinhard Krauss, Nancy Lukens, Barbara Rumscheidt, and Martin Rumscheidt ; introduction by John W. de Gruchy, supplemental material by Victoria J. Barnett

BX4827 .B57 E54 2016
Engaging Bonhoeffer : the impact and influence of Bonhoeffer's life and thought / Matthew D. Kirkpatrick, editor

BX4827 .B57 T54813 2016
Theologian of resistance : the life and thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer / Christiane Tietz ; Victoria J. Barnett, translator

BX4917 .C66 2015
A companion to Jan Hus / edited by Frantiťsek ťSmahel, in cooperation with Ota Pavl‚iťcek

BX8070 .L62 S75 2016
The large catechism of Dr. Martin Luther, 1529 / Kirsi I. Stjerna

-- D --

D 114.2:C 67/2/B 45
The city becomes a symbol : the U.S. Army in the occupation of Berlin, 1945-1949 / by William Stivers and Donald A. Carter

D214 .M625 2017
Conventional and unconventional war : a history of conflict in the modern world / Thomas R. Mockaitis

D2021 .M87 2017
The strange death of Europe : immigration, identity, Islam / Douglas Murray

DD197 .H49 2017
Absolute war : violence and mass warfare in the German lands, 1792-1820 / Mark Hewitson

DD256.7 .K87 2017
Hitler's monsters : a supernatural history of the Third Reich / Eric Kurlander

DS79.65 .M33 2017
The modern history of Iraq / Phebe Marr [and] Ibrahim al-Marashi ; California State University, San Marcos

DS146 .N4 H65 2017
The Holocaust, Israel and 'the Jew' : histories of antisemitism in postwar Dutch society / edited by Remco Ensel and Evelien Gans

DS247 .Y48 H55 2017
Yemen endures : civil war, Saudi adventurism and the future of Arabia / Ginny Hill

DS356 .J35 2017
A military history of Afghanistan : from the Great Game to the Global War on Terror 1800-2015 / Ali Ahmad Jalali

DS371.413 .G739 2017
In the warlords' shadow : special operations forces, the Afghans, and their fight against the Taliban / Daniel R. Green

DS480.84 .M325 2017
Politics and state-society relations in India / James Manor ; with a foreword by Niraja Gopal Jayal

DT1757 .S28 2017
On building a social movement : the North American campaign for Southern African liberation revisited / John S. Saul

-- E --

E29 .N3 L632 2016
African American contributions to the Americas' cultures : a critical edition of lectures by Alain Locke / Jacoby Adeshei Carter

E183.8 .C5 B679 2017
Winning the Third World : Sino-American rivalry during the Cold War / Gregg A. Brazinsky

E207 .P9 H85 2017
Major General Israel Putnam : hero of the American Revolution / Robert Ernest Hubbard

E441 .N35 2017
Slavery and silence : Latin America and the U.S. slave debate / Paul D. Naish

E591 .S653 2017
Joseph Brown and his Civil War ironclads : the USS Chillicothe, Indianola and Tuscumbia / Myron J. Smith, Jr

-- G --

GV401 .S34 2015
Sport facility operations management : a global perspective / Eric C. Schwarz, Stacey A. Hall and Simon Shibli

GV445 .C74 2017
Principles and methods of adapted physical education and recreation / Kristi Roth, PhD, CAPE, professor, University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point ; Lauriece Zittel, PhD., CAPE, associate professor, Northern Illinois University ; Jean Pyfer PED, CAPE, professor emeritus, Texas Women's University ; David Auxter, EdD, CAPE, senior scientist, Research Center for Independent Living

GV571 .H57 2017
History and Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity / R. Scott Kretchmar, Mark Dyreson, Matthew P. Llewellyn, John Gleaves

GV653 .S46 2015
Nation at play : a history of sport in India / Ronojoy Sen

GV691 .B74 S65 2016
When race, religion, and sport collide : Black athletes at BYU and beyond / Darron T. Smith

GV706.32 .M385 2015
White sports, black sports : racial disparities in athletic programs / Lori Latrice Martin

GV706.4 .G55 2017
Psychological dynamics of sport and exercise / Diane L. Gill, Lavon Williams, Erin J. Reifsteck

GV709 .P48 2016
Sex testing : gender policing in women's sports / Lindsay Parks Pieper

GV709.2 .C474 2016
Child's play : sport in kids' worlds / edited by Michael A. Messner and Michela Musto

GV713 .C5 2017
Human resource management in sport and recreation / Packianathan Chelladurai, Shannon Kerwin

GV713 .R45 2015
The sports strategist : developing leaders for a high-performance industry / Irving Rein, Ben Shields, Adam Grossman

GV742 .R68 2016
Routledge handbook of sport and new media / edited by Andrew C. Billings and Marie Hardin

GV742.3 .V62 2015
ESPN : the making of a sports media empire / Travis Vogan

GV867.64 .P69 2004
The American Indian integration of baseball / Jeffrey Powers-Beck ; with a foreword by Joseph B. Oxendine

GV955.5 .N35 N45 2015
The NFL : critical and cultural perspectives / edited by Thomas P. Oates and Zack Furness ; foreword by Michael Oriard

-- H --

HC435.3 .J7296 2017
India's long road : the search for prosperity / Vijay Joshi

HD60 .M28 2013
Conscious capitalism : liberating the heroic spirit of business / John Mackey, Raj Sisodia

HJ2449 .H43 2017
Tax, order, and good government : a new political history of Canada, 1867-1917 / E.A. Heaman

HQ789 .B43 2017
Campaigning for children : strategies for advancing children's rights / Jo Becker

HS 8.19:N 21/3/CD
100 civics questions and answers for the naturalization test

HV91 .R76 2016
Program evaluation : an introduction to an evidence-based approach / David Royse, Bruce A. Thyer, Deborah K. Padgett

HV1568 .K335 2017
Disability and aging : learning from both to empower the lives of older adults / Jeffrey S. Kahana and Eva Kahana

HV6433 .I722 I857 2017
Words are weapons : inside ISIS's rhetoric of terror / Philippe-Joseph Salazar ; translation by Dorna Khazeni

-- I --

I 19.91/3:3381
Land area change in coastal Louisiana (1932 to 2016) / by Brady R. Couvillion [and three others]

I 29.2:AT 8/3
Attu : the forgotten battle / John Haile Cloe

I 29.2:SA 5/12/2016
San Juan Island National Historical Park : an environmental history / Christy Avery

I 29.21:R 91/2017
Russell Cave National Monument, Alabama

I 29.21:W 58/12/2017
White Sands : Desert Safety, White Sands National Monument / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

I 29.21:W 58/15/2017-2/GER.-FR.-SPAN.-EN
White Sands National Monument, helpful safety information

I 29.6/4:N 42/2017
New River Gorge, National River, West Virginia / National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior

I 29.86/4:G 33
Cultural landscape report for Gettysburg National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania / by John Auwaerter [and three others]

I 53.2:M 66/CD/2018
Location and validity of mining claims, mill sites, and tunnel sites in California / principal author: J.R. Evans

-- J --

JF1525 .I6 E895 2006
Ethics of spying : a reader for the intelligence professional / edited by Jan Goldman

JN8386 .C677 2017
Corruption in the Iberian empires : greed, custom, and colonial networks / edited by Christoph RosenmŤuller

-- K --

KF2995.B875 2014
Copyright for academic librarians and professionals / Rebecca P. Butler

KF3821 .P69 2016
Legal and ethical issues for health professionals / George D. Pozgar, MBA, CHE, D. LITT., Consultant, GP Health Care Consulting, Annapolis, Maryland ; Legal Review Nina M. Santucci, MSCJ, JD ; Medical Review John W. Pinnella, MD, DDS, FICS

KF8744 .D35 2017
Jewish justices of the Supreme Court : from Brandeis to Kagan / David G. Dalin

KF9246 .L39 2017
When deadly force is involved : a look at the legal side of stand your ground, duty to retreat, and other questions of self-defense / Bruce M. Lawlor

KF9618 .L38 2017
Leading Constitutional Cases on Criminal Justice - Casebookplus 2017

KZ7230 .R83 2017
Power and principle : the politics of international criminal courts / Christopher Rudolph

-- L --

LB1025.3 .A76 2018
Multiple intelligences in the classroom / Thomas Armstrong

LB1032 .W53 2017
The best class you never taught : how spider web discussion can turn students into learning leaders / Alexis Wiggins ; with a foreword by Jay McTighe

LB2367.75 .P6758 2018
Barron's Praxis™ core exams : core academic skills for educators : Reading (5712), Writing (5722), Mathematics (5732) combined test (reading, writing, and mathematics) (5751) / Dr. Robert D. Postman, professor and dean, nationally recognized test preparation expert

LC 19.15:N 21
Factsheet : The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

LC111 .J89 2016
Have a little faith : religion, democracy, and the American public school / Benjamin Justice, Colin Macleod

LC212 .F38 2016
The fat pedagogy reader : challenging weight-based oppression through critical education / edited by Erin Cameron & Constance Russell

LC220.5 .P74 2015
Nurturing sanctuary : community capacity building in African American churches / Townsand Price-Spratlen

LC4091 .B83 2018
Disrupting poverty : five powerful classroom practices / Kathleen M. Budge and William H. Parrett

-- N --

ND237 .H296 A4 2008
Birth of the cool / Barkley L. Hendricks ; edited by Trevor Schoonmaker

-- P --

P306 .M865 2016
Introducing translation studies : theories and applications / Jeremy Munday

PJ3771 .G6 A24 2015
Male and female in the epic of Gilgamesh : encounters, literary history, and interpretation / Tzvi Abusch

PN1995.9 .B53 B54 2016 V.2 PT.1
The Bible in motion : a handbook of the Bible and its reception in film / edited by Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch

PN1995.9 .B53 B54 2016 V.2 PT.2
The Bible in motion : a handbook of the Bible and its reception in film / edited by Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch

PN3433.6 .G75 2015
Science fiction theology : beauty and the transformation of the sublime / Alan P.R. Gregory

PN6727 .C628 A94 2017
Black Panther. Book 4, Avengers of the New World, part 1 / writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates ; pencilers, Wilfredo Torres & Chris Sprouse with Jacen Burrows & Adam Gorham ; inkers, Wilfredo Torres, Terry Pallot, Jacen Burrows, Adam Gorham, Walden Wong, Karl Story & Dexter Vines ; color artists, Laura Martin with Andrew Crossley ; letterer, VC's Joe Sabino

PN6728 .B523 B5244 2017
Black Panther : a nation under our feet. Book three / writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates ; artist, Brian Stelfreeze ; layouts, Chris Sprouse ; finishes, Karl Story, Goran Sudťzuka, Walden Wong, Roberto Poggi ; inks, Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story & Scott Hanna ; letterer, VC's Joe Sabino

PN6728 .B523 B525 2017
Black Panther : a nation under our feet, vol. 2 / writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates ; pencils/layouts, Chris Sprouse ; inks/finishes, Karl Story with Walden Wong ; colors, Laura Martin ; letters, VC's Joe Sabino

PN6728 .B523 C63 2016
Black Panther, book 1 : a nation under our feet / written by Ta-Neshi Coates ; artist, Brian Stelfreeze ; color artist, Laura Martin ; letterer, VC's Joe Sabino

PQ283 .G37 2004
"A dream of stone" : fame, vision, and monumentality in nineteenth-century French literary culture / Michael D. Garval

PQ1993 .L27 B613 2010
The Bohemians : a novel / Anne G‚ed‚eon Lafitte, Marquis de Pelleport ; translated by Vivian Folkenflik ; with an introduction by Robert Darnton

PQ2249 .C28 2004
The Cambridge companion to Flaubert / edited by Timothy Unwin

PQ7081 .A1 L525 2004 V.1
Literary cultures of Latin America. 3 : a comparative history / Mario J. Vald‚es and Djelal Kadir, editors

PQ7081 .A1 L525 2004 V.2
Literary cultures of Latin America. 3 : a comparative history / Mario J. Vald‚es and Djelal Kadir, editors

PQ7081 .A1 L525 2004 V.3
Literary cultures of Latin America. 3 : a comparative history / Mario J. Vald‚es and Djelal Kadir, editors

PQ7081 .S688 2007
A turbulent decade remembered : scenes from the Latin American sixties / Diana Sorensen

PR1874 .B54 2017
Chaucer's Decameron and the origin of the Canterbury tales / Frederick M. Biggs

PR2017 .A53 G78 2017
Piers Plowman and the poetics of enigma : riddles, rhetoric, and theology / Curtis A. Gruenler

PR2976 .C28 2012
Shakespearean metadrama : the argument of the play in Titus Andronicus, Love's labour's lost, Romeo and Juliet, A midsummer night's dream, and Richard II / James L. Calderwood

PR3588 .M534 2017
Milton's modernities : poetry, philosophy, and history from the seventeenth century to the present / edited by Feisal G. Mohamed and Patrick Fadely

PR6116 .E776 E87 2017
The Essex Serpent : a novel / Sarah Perry

PS153 .M4 S68 2017
Spanish perspectives on Chicano literature : literary and cultural essays / edited by Jes‚us Rosales and Vanessa Fonseca ; with a foreword by Francisco A. Lomel‚i

PS261 .G33 2017
Reviewing the South : the literary marketplace and the Southern Renaissance, 1920-1941 / Sarah E. Gardner, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia

PS374 .H67 S56 2017
American horror fiction and class : from Poe to Twilight / David Simmons

PS3511 .I9 Z557736 2017
F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American scene / Ronald Berman

PS3565 .C57 Z8525 2017
Revelation and convergence : Flannery O'Connor and the Catholic intellectual tradition / edited by Mark Bosco, SJ, and Brent Little

PZ7 .C212 SL 2009
Sloane sisters : a novel / by Anna Carey

PZ7 .C212 SU 2009
Survival of the fiercest : a Sloane sisters novel / by Anna Carey

PZ7.5 .A44 SO 2017
Solo / Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess

PZ7.7 .B813 WO 2017
Wordplay / a Toon book by Ivan Brunetti

-- Q --

QP34.5 .B65 2017
Medical physiology / [edited by] Walter F. Boron, MD, PhD, Professor, David N. and Inez Myers/Antonio Scarpa Chairman, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Emile L. Boulpaep, MD, Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut

QP303 .N465 2017
Kinesiology of the musculoskeletal system : foundations for rehabilitation / Donald A. Neumann ; primary artwork by Elisabeth Roen Kelly, Craig Kiefer, Kimberly Martens, Claudia M. Grosz

-- R --

R725.55 .K64 2013
Spirituality in patient care : why, how, when, and what / Harold G. Koenig

R853 .Q34 K64 2011
Spirituality & health research : methods, measurement, statistics, and resources / Harold G. Koenig

RA394.9 .I87 2018
Health program planning and evaluation : a practical, systematic approach for community health / L. Michele Issel, Rebecca Wells

RA407.3 .K53 2015
Wellness by the numbers : understanding and interpreting American health statistics / Jacqueline Klosek

RA427.8 .M39 2017
Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs : a primer / James F. McKenzie, PhD, M.P.H., M.C.H.E.S., Ball State University, Brad L. Neiger, Ph. D., M.C.H.E.S., Brigham Young University, Rosemary Thackeray, Ph. D., M.P.H., Brigham Young University

RA777.6 .K63 1988
Religion, health, and aging : a review and theoretical integration / Harold George Koenig, Mona Smiley, and Jo Ann Ploch Gonzales ; foreword by David O. Moberg

RC48 .F383 2018
Ferri's clinical advisor 2018 : 5 books in 1 / Fred F. Ferri

RC440 .T693 2015
Psychiatric mental health nursing : concepts of care in evidence-based practice / Mary C. Townsend, DSN, PMHCNS-BC, Clinical Specialist/Nurse Consultant, Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Former Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Mental Health Nursing, Kramer School of Nursing, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

RC455.2 .C4 B52 2014
DSM-5 guidebook : the essential companion to the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition / Donald W. Black, M.D., Jon E. Grant, M.D., M.P.H., J.D

RC455.4 .R4 R453 2009
Religion and spirituality in psychiatry / edited by Philippe Huguelet, Harold G. Koenig

RC466.8 .C55 2016
Clinical exercise science / edited by Andrew Scott and Christopher Gidlow

RC489 .S676 K64 2005
Faith and mental health : religious resources for healing / Harold G. Koenig

RC952.55 .R45 2016
Reichel's care of the elderly : clinical aspects of aging / editors-in-chief, Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD, CMD, AGSF, is Mary and Thomas Hudson Distinguished Professor and Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine, and Director, Center for Aging and Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Christine Arenson, MD, is Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, and Co-Director, Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Education, Thomas Jefferson University ; editors, Samuel C. Durso, MD, MBA, AGSF, is Mason F. Lord Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Daniel Swagerty, MD, MPH, AGSF, is Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, and Associate Director, Landon School on Aging, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Laura Mosqueda, MD, AGSF, is Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Professor of Family Medicine and Geriatrics (Clinical Scholar) and Associate Dean of Primary Care, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, Maria Fiatarone Singh, MD, is John Sutton Chair of Exercise and Sports, and Professor of Medicine, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney ; editor emeritus, William Reichel, MD, AGSF, is Affiliated Scholar, Pelligrino Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown University Medical Center

RC954 .E44 2018
Gerontological nursing / Charlotte Eliopoulos, PhD, MPH, RN

RD37.91 .P47 2017
Dr. Pestana's surgery notes : top 180 vignettes for the surgical wards / Carlos Pestana

RD97 .S658 2016
Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation : integrating medicine and science for performance solutions / edited by David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon

RJ52 .R43 2017
Red book atlas of pediatric infectious diseases / editor: Carol J. Baker, MD, FAAP

RM300 .A33 2016
Pharmacology : connections to nursing practice / Michael Patrick Adams, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, St. Petersburg College, Formerly Dean of Health Profession, Pasco-Hernado State College, Carol Quam Urban, Director, School of Nursing, Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services, Associate Professor, George Mason University

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Goodman & Gilman's the pharmacological basis of therapeutics / editor-in-chief, Laurence L. Brunton ; editors, Randa Hilal-Dandan, BjŤorn C. Knollmann

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Applied biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics / editors, Leon Shargel, Andrew B.C. Yu

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Fundamentals of nursing / [edited by] Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, RhD, FAAN, Director of Research, Patient Care Services, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, Anne Griffin Perry, RN, EdD, FAAN, Professor E merita, School of Nursing, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, Illinois, Patricia A. Stockert, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, President, College of Nursing, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, Illinois, Amy M. Hall, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, CNE, Chair and White Family Endowed Professor of Nursing, Dunigan Family Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana

-- T --

T 1.2:F 49/13/2017
A financial system that creates economic opportunities. Asset management and insurance: report to President Donald J. Trump, Executive Order 13772 on core principles for regulating the United States financial system / Steven T. Mnuchin, Craig S. Phillips

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Surfactants and interfacial phenomena / Milton J. Rosen, Joy T. Kunjappu

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Test of faith : signs, serpents, salvation / photographs and text by Lauren Pond ; with a foreword by Peter Barberie

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Nutritional assessment of athletes / edited by Judy A. Driskell, Ira Wolinsky

-- U --

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North Korea and nuclear weapons : entering the new era of deterrence / Sung Chull Kim and Michael D. Cohen, editors

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Cadets on campus : history of military schools of the United States / John Alfred Coulter II

-- Y --

Y 4.C 44:H 75
Will the Hong Kong model survive? : an assessment 20 years after the handover : hearing before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, One Hundred Fifteenth Congress, first session, May 3, 2017