Campbell University Medical Library Collection Development Policy


The Campbell University Medical Library’s primary mission is to support the educational and research needs of faculty and students in the Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine (CUSOM) and the Campbell University Physician Assistant Program (CUPAP). The medical library strives to maintain a comprehensive collection of quality medical resources including electronic and print materials.

Collection Development Practices

The members of the CUSOM Facilities and Learning Resources Committee will serve as collection development liaisons to their respective departments and forward recommendations to the medical library. The medical librarians will also collect recommendations from its faculty and students and request input from appropriate faculty regarding the purchase of new editions. In addition, the medical librarians will select materials from authoritative professional sources such as Doody’s Core Titles, and will continually monitor professional publications and product announcements to identify new and useful resources. Collection development orders will be reviewed and approved by the CUSOM Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research and the Dean or the Director of the Physician Assistant Program, as appropriate, prior to purchase.

Electronic Resources

Because of the constantly evolving nature of medical information, and because many of the medical library’s users are rotating throughout the state, the medical library will purchase electronic resources with institutional licensing whenever possible so that materials will be both current and easily accessible. The usage of electronic resources will be evaluated annually via access statistics to ensure that library funds are being used for the maximum educational and research benefit.

Print Collection

The medical library will maintain a print collection of core medical books in each discipline represented in the osteopathic medicine and physician assistant curricula. These books will be selected and identified in cooperation with the medical school and physician assistant faculty who will be enlisted annually to evaluate the currency of our collection. Electronic resources will not be mirrored in the print collection unless they are listed on an official CUSOM or CPAP booklist or a print copy is specifically requested by students or faculty. Volumes that are superseded by new editions will be withdrawn. The medical library faculty will also continually monitor professional publications and product announcements to identify new resources that will enhance the educational and research experience of its students, faculty and administration.

Serials Collection

The medical library will maintain a small browsing collection of print professional journals and leisure reading materials for the convenience and comfort of its users. Space permitting, professional journals will be retained in the medical library for one year. Popular magazines will be retained for three months. Newspapers will be retained for two weeks.


Campbell University Medical Library appreciates those who wish to donate to its collection and will accept and consider donations of books within three years of their publication. Donated journals will be used at Campbell to either fill in collection gaps or offered to other libraries to complete their collections. Donated items that are serviceable but not compatible with the collection development policies of Campbell University Medical Library or Wiggins Library will be donated to library missions programs or other appropriate charities, or offered to students and faculty. Donors will receive a gift form to complete.