Instruction for Printing on Pharos/Xerox Printers - Main Campus

You must know your Campbell User ID.
(The same user id you use for the university computer systems.)

You must have your Campbell ID card and the card must have Creekbucks credit.
(Printing/copying costs)

The computer you are printing from must have the printing driver/client installed. If it is your personal machine and you have not printed since the Pharos system was installed you must download and install the print client/driver. If it is a Campbell University lab or library machine the client most likely will already be installed.

How to Install the Printer Driver/Client

  1. To install the print driver/client go to
  2. Select “Packages” either from the tabs along the top or the link to the lower left.
  3. Click on “MainCampus” if installing on a personally owned computer. (The “DeepFreeze” are packages for the university’s public and lab computers Please don’t bother with the others.)
  4. Depending on your browser and its settings you may or may not see a warning similar to above.
  5. If you do see the warning, Click “RUN” (there is no need to save a copy of the installer).
  6. Other warnings may or may not appear, in all cases allow the program to proceed. You should see a smaller window appear; if not make sure you have popup blocker disabled.
  7. Click the “Install” button.
  8. You will see both the install bar moving and a list of program actions that occur.
  9. If you are running an Antivirus you may see it detect what it thinks is a problem.
    1. Sophos detects “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mchInjDrv.sys” as “MadCodeHook” and does not like it. Sophos puts the file in quarantine.
    2. In this case the file is harmless and whatever Antivirus you use you need to allow this file to be active.
    3. For Sophos, open Sophos, look at the files in quarantine and find the file, check the box to the left of the filename to select the file and then on the far right click on “Authorize” and when the confirmation screen appears, allow the file to be used.
  10. Click the “Finish” button on the installer screen.
  11. The install window should go away and we are done. You may close the browser and any Antivirus windows.
  12. You should now find a printer called “MainCampus on PHAROS.CAMPBELL.EDU” in your list of printers and can print to this device as you would any printer when you are connected to the Campbell University Network.
  13. When you do print to “MainCampus” you will see the following popup screen appear.
  14. You must enter your valid Campbell User ID. As all (everyone who prints to the Xeroxes) print jobs go to a central server, your User ID is what “tags” a print job uniquely to you and allows you to go to any of the Pharos Xerox printers around the campus and receive your printout. See the instructions that follow for obtaining your printout at the printer/copier.
  15. There are several Pharos Xerox printers on the campus and you can collect your printout from any of them.

Obtaining Your Pharos/Xerox Printout

After installing the printing client/driver and creating a print job and “tagging” it with your Campbell User ID, your document goes to a central server waiting to be “released”. This allows you to then go to any of the Pharos Xerox printers around the main campus and obtain your printout. You must know your Campbell User ID and have your Campbell University ID card (with funds on the card).

To receive your printout, first approach the printer confidently. It is important you show no fear. The printer can sense fear and a paper jam will be almost assured. Locate the card reader which will be attached to the top of the printer. Make sure there is a green LED light showing. If there is no light or the light is red, or is flashing, call the Computing Services Help Desk at ext-1208 and report “Pharos Xerox printer located in “building” at “location description or room number” does not have a steady green light on the card reader”. (Please note: The help desk does not deal with paper/toner issues.) It is advised to then seek out and try a different Pharos Xerox. When you find a working printer with a steady green light on the card reader, deftly grasp your Campbell ID card in either hand with a light but firm grip. Ensure the magnetic stripe is “down” and will pass through reader slot. You will lose .002 GPA for each time you ineffectually swipe your card with the magnetic strip upwards. Pass the card through the reader but not too fast and not to slowly. Keep in mind you are attempting to induce voltage spikes in the card reader by passing the magnetized stripe through embedded coils of wire in the reader. Too slow and you do not induce enough voltage to be read as a logical 1. Too fast could possibly create a sequence of spikes that exceeds the readers ability to differentiate between a magnetized and a non-magnetized portion of the card stripe and open a worm hole into an alternate reality.

If your “swipe” is successful, in a few seconds you will see a menu appear on the LCD display of the machine. Your card balance (funds available) should be shown. Note that swiping your card basically “logs” you into the system. See the warning and procedure at the end of this document to ensure you logout properly when finished. Press the “Release” button shown on the display to see a list of your print jobs. You may press the listed print job on the screen to see “Print Job Details”. This information includes job name, the time the job was submitted, number of pages, and the cost to print the job. Buttons on this screen include:


Print one selected job. You must select a job from the list first by pressing on the screen. (I have noticed it sometimes take a couple of presses of “Print” to begin the print process, when successful you will see a small screen pop up letting you know it is working” and that print job will disappear from the list. Press it, if nothing happens in 10 seconds, give it another press. )

Print All

Prints all pending jobs.


Refreshes the list of print jobs pending print. This is most helpful when many jobs are listed to be printed and only a few will be selected or more jobs are pending than easily viewed on the list. A “Refresh” would then refresh the list of files in the queue, removing jobs just printed and thus cleaning up the list for easier selection of the remaining jobs. Note there are scroll bars on the LCD to the right of the list of jobs.


Deletes the selected job; A courteous way to remove unwanted jobs and free up resources on the server and clean up your list of jobs pending print.

Jobs left in the print server queue are automatically deleted (with no chance of recovery) after 14 hours. Computer resources are neither free nor unlimited. Please make an effort to print only what you need and only print when you are fairly certain you have the final version desired. Filling up the Server with unwanted print jobs will just slow the system down for everyone.


Exits the “Print Release Screen” and returns to the main screen.

This does not log you out !!

After finishing your business with the Pharos Xerox be certain to press the glowing Green button to the right of the LCD screen labeled “Login/Logout”. On the LCD you will be presented with a confirmation screen and you should press the appropriate desired action.

Failing to logout could allow the next person to print your jobs and incur cost to your card!

Logging someone off that forgot will both free the system up for your use and count as your good deed for the day.

Printing/Copying costs

(As of June 2013 and subject to change.)
Single side - Black and White per page$0.05 (Five cents)
Double side - Black and White per page$0.10 (Ten cents)
Single side - Color per page$0.15 (Fifteen cents)
Double side -Color per page$0.30 (Thirty cents)

Note: If the Xerox has not been used recently it may take a full minute or more to warm up and print after you swipe your card. When first approaching the printer you may want to press the “Energy Saver” button on the upper right of the printers control panel if it is lit to begin the warm up process.

Note: Even warmed up, there may be a significant delay (several 10’s of seconds) after selecting a job and pressing “PRINT” before the printer begins printing. Patience is a virtue. If when you press print, you do not see some activity in the next 10 seconds or so, press “Print” again.

Pharos/Xerox Printer Locations

  • Wiggins Memorial Library - 1st floor, Periodicals area, immediately to the left upon entering the library main entrance.
  • Wiggins Memorial Library - 1st floor, directly to the rear of the library from the front entrance against the back wall past the computer stations.
  • Wiggins Memorial Library - 2nd floor, behind the elevator.
  • Wiggins Memorial Library - 3rd floor, slightly to the right as you exit the elevator.
  • Wiggins Memorial Library - 3rd floor, to your left then to the rear next to the Idea Lab.
  • Maddox Hall - 2nd floor, room 201, up the main staircase and to the right. (2 machines).